Web Sites

General Dyslexia Information

Dyslexia First 100 Days - A guided informational tour for anyone new to dyslexia

Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity - Dr. Sally Shaywitz, Director

Bright Solutions for Dyslexia  - Susan Barton's web site containing information about her reading/spelling program as well as dyslexia information and videos

Dyslexia Help - University of Michigan's comprehensive dyslexia resource

International Dyslexia Association - List of IDA fact sheets

Iowa Specific Information

Iowa Dyslexia Resources - The Iowa Department of Education and Iowa's AEAs developed this web site offering dyslexia information for parents and teachers

ASK Resource Center - Iowa's federally funded Parent Training and Information Center

Iowa Reading Research Center - Information on the FAST screening, data on reading interventions and summer programming used in Iowa and more

AEA Special Education Procedures - 500+ pages, use Table of Contents

Iowa's Procedural Safeguard Manual for Parents - Statement of parent rights in special education

Special Education State Guidance - Informational documents on special education from the Iowa Department of Education

Special Education Dispute Resolution - Overview of complaint options for parents

Criteria for Specific Learning Disabilities - Memo from the Iowa Department of Education


What is Dysgraphia? - Article from Handwriting Problem Solutions

Understanding Dysgraphia - Article from Wrightslaw

Brightlines paper - Developed by an Iowa Occupational Therapist, helpful for dysgraphia

Special Education / Advocacy

Wrightslaw - Topics index

Special Education Advisor - Useful information on federal IDEA (special education law)

Assistive Technology

ICATER - Iowa Center for Assistive Technology, located at U of Iowa, provides assistive technology consultation

Bookshare - Free e-book library for people with print-related disabilities including dyslexia

Learning Ally - Audio book library for people with print-related disabilities including dyslexia, also offers parent consultations

Voice Dream Reader - Customizable Ipad reading app, can download Bookshare books directly into it

Don Johnston - Company with a variety of assistive technology products for dyslexia, including text to speech and word prediction programs