Administrative Rules

Administrative Rules describe the details of how a law will be implemented and include policies, procedures and practices.  Once approved, rules become part of Iowa law and are then known as “Administrative Code.”  In Iowa, the public can participate in the rule-making process by submitting comments on proposed rules, attending the public comment hearing, and speaking at the legislative review hearings.


Reading Endorsement Rules

Drafted by:  Iowa Board of Ed. Examiners

Finalized:  July 2016

Summary:  Requires teachers who receive any Iowa reading endorsement (K-8, 5-12, Reading Specialist) to have knowledge of dyslexia, including signs and symptoms, appropriate interventions, assistive technology, and accommodations.  The rules also state that teachers must understand phonological awareness, sound-symbol association, syllable types, morphology, syntax and semantics, and the relationship of these to reading development and effective instruction.

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Rules for Teacher Preparation Programs

Drafted by:  Iowa Dept. of Education

Finalized:  March 2017

Summary:  These rules outline how Iowa colleges and universities must prepare teachers in literacy.  These are general rules which apply to teachers of all grades (K-12) and all subject areas.  Programs must provide evidence that teacher candidates develop the ability to identify and meet the needs of all learners, including those with dyslexia. Teacher candidates must demonstrate competency in making accommodations for students who struggle with literacy.

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Elem. Classroom Endorsement Rules

Drafted by:  Iowa Board of Ed. Examiners

Finalized:  July 2017

Summary:  Require Iowa teachers who receive the Elementary Classroom endorsement to complete coursework in phonemic awareness, word identification including phonics and orthography, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Coursework must also cover information about dyslexia and atypical reading development, including signs and symptoms of dyslexia, interventions and remediation, accommodations, and assistive technology.

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The Administrative Rules Process in Iowa

Admin Rules process

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